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Spanish artist Moises Bentata was born in Ceuta (Spain) in 1963. After graduating in Systems Engineering, he joined the telecom industry where he spent the majority of his career. However, since 2016, he is entirely devoted to his real passion: Art.


His work reflects constant thought revolving around the shape and outline of letters, focusing on the impact they cause on our thinking. He currently lives and works in Madrid, focusing his activity on a varied and fruitful artistic creation.


The wood and its live appearance become an essential element (… almost necessary) in his creations, revealing a vocabulary of signs and shapes in different planes which reiterate as an expressive language of metaphors and feelings in most of his works, fluctuating between textual and figurative.


His three-dimensional imaginations provide his work with depth and tactile dimension, with overlapped planes close to the spectator inviting them to be an active part of his works. Both the carved wood as a life element and the chromatic simplicity that emanates from his darker palette show an equilibrium constant in all his creations.


The expressive force of the letters and his permanent concern about what they convey and imply in our lives are at the core of the metaphoric language of his art works.


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