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Moises Bentata. Equilibrium, 1998

Equilibrium, 1988

graphics and treated woods

112x110 cm

Moises Bentata. Libertad, 2010

Freedom, 2010

treated and carved wood,

60x95 cm

Moises Bentata. Antisemitismo, 2008

To survive, 2008

carved wood and stone 

74x74 cm

Moisés Bentata - Equilibrium (versión aluminio), 1998

Equilibrium (aluminium), 1988

graphic over aluminium and treated wood

112x110 cm

Moisés Bentata - Génesis constructivista (homenaje a Joaquín Torres-García), 2016

Genesis - contructivist (a tribute to Joaquín Torres-García), 2016

carved wood 

72x112 cm

MAIMONIDES frontal view 1.jpg

Between faith and reason, 2018  

graphic over aluminium and carved wood

69x69 cm

Moises Bentata. Elección, 2010

Choice, 2010 

treated pine wood over gesso 

31x71 cm

The couple: man and woman, 2009

carved wood over gesso primed

60x76 cm (2 pieces)

Moises Bentata. Elección, 2010

Where are You  ?, 2016 (black)

lackered wood

31x71 cm

Moises Bentata. Entre el bien y el mal, 2010

Between good and evil, 2010

treated wood and dried fruit

50x50 cm

Moisés Bentata - ¿ Dónde estás ?, 2016

Where are you ?, 2016 (white)

lackered wood

31x71 cm

Moisés Bentata - Aleph (con fondo constructivo), 2016

Alef on constructivist background, 2016

carved wood

48x42 cm

Moisés Bentata - Ahí tambien estás, 2016

There You are also (white), 2016

madera tallada

64 x 38 cm

Moises Bentata. Ahí también estás, 2016

There You are also (white), 2016

madera tallada

64 x 38 cm

Moisés Bentata - Ceuta, ciudad de las cuatro culturasónde estás, 2010

Ceuta, city of 4 cultures, 2010

charcoal handscript and carved wood

110x130 cm( 4 pzs.)

Institutional Collection

Property of Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta



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